Environmental sustainability

Since its origins, Casale Spa has brought the founding values ​​of its family to the company: honesty, seriousness and responsibility.

For us, doing business means doing it “responsibly”, offering and selecting food products of the highest quality while respecting the environment and tradition, for a healthy and genuine diet capable of meeting the needs of today’s consumer.

We want to be consistent with our values ​​and act responsibly every day. For us, engaging in a responsible manner means returning value to the territory that hosts us, to our collaborators and suppliers, and, through our products, to our customers and consumers who have chosen us since 1898.


We are committed every day with our partners to create a peaceful and respectful working environment.


We constantly offer customers and consumers healthy, good and genuine products.


Our Suppliers are carefully selected, preferring those who share our same values and morals.


We promote a low impact consumer culture throughout our production cycle and our selection of packaging.

Find here our SA8000 Certificate:

Our commitment to sustainable economic development

Our product portfolio also includes organic hams and hams from pigs raised without the use of antibiotics, respecting animal welfare and transport pollution. Furthermore, in the production of our hams we do not use preservatives or other chemical supports, respecting the natural seasoning of the product.

Our supply chain boasts absolute traceability, in addition to compliance with rigorous hygiene and health standards (HACCP) within a management system that pays particular attention to the safety and health of workers (OHSAS 18001). We also have EMAS 14001 certification, which attests our contribution to improving the environment with a view to sustainable economic development.

We are keen to guarantee the quality and wholesomeness of food production, which is why we are BRC Food and IFS Food certified, thus ensuring a greater level of safety for our customers and consumers. Finally, we adhere to an Unannounced Audit program, allowing our customers and suppliers to have a real picture of our way of doing business at any time.

Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the member countries of the UN signed the 2030 Agenda, a sustainable development plan based on 17 objectives, called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to be achieved by 2030 through the involvement of governments, companies and private citizens.

The Casale Group has decided to respond to the appeal, committing itself to obtain concrete results in the four areas below:

We guarantee inclusion and equal opportunities for men and women at all hierarchical levels, in order to have inclusive managerial representation, both at the Casale headquarters and in the other plants.

We are committed to improving water quality and reducing pollution, especially from hazardous chemicals.

Supporting economic growth, increasing productivity and contributing to the creation of decent jobs is also one of our goals.

We develop virtuous waste reduction, recycling and reuse practices within our factories. We develop products with very high sustainability characteristics, due to the naturalness of the ingredients and the low environmental impact of the packaging.

Casale Group

We combine the tradition, quality and safety of a long-experienced market leader with the effectiveness of a modern and cutting-edge company, always attentive to the latest trends in technology and innovation.


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