The best of the Italian Tradition

Welcome to the Food Valley, where Prosciutto di Parma is the King

Since many years Casale represents an important industrial reality in the Italian and European Agri-food industry.

With a more than a century experience, Casale produces and selects high quality food products, while respecting environment and tradition. This is the special mission that Casale continues since its origins, in an environment closely related to nature and its values of pure authenticity.

Our products

We only select thighs from the best pigs on the market, offering a 100% genuine product with very little salt, an ancient and natural method that allows us to preserve food without adding any type of preservative or additive.

Knowing that factors such as freshness, simplicity of ingredients and naturalness of raw materials play an increasingly important role for consumers, we have decided to embrace this trend to offer a range of products in line with the dietary recommendations of the scientific community.

Our values

High Quality

Casale Group is proud to put a strong attention to the quality standards of its raw materials and its production processes, to provide the customer with an excellent final product.


Casale Group is well aware of the value of time, respect for the rhythms of life and the seasons, the quality of what man can achieve by combining culture and experience.


Casale Group selects high quality products in respect of the environment, for a healthy and genuine diet that meets the needs of today’s consumer.


A simple slice of Prosciutto with warm bread is one of the best snacks that accompanies us in everyday life since childhood.

From the latest INRAN research, the National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition, the reduced fat content, the high protein value and the greater digestibility make Prosciutto and aged meat a food whose consumption is increasingly suitable for all ages, as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Casale SpA

We combine the tradition, quality and safety of a long-experienced market leader with the effectiveness of a modern and cutting-edge company, always attentive to the latest trends in technology and innovation.


Via Casale, 33

43035 – Casale di Felino (Parma)

+39 0521836080

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