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Carni controllate ed ingredienti naturali sono gli elementi che stanno alla base della migliore salumeria del nostro territorio. L’inconfondibile gusto, la semplicità della preparazione e la bontà del consumo sono ciò che caratterizza la tradizione alimentare portata avanti da Casale.

Fine sliced charcuterie

Casale offers the whole range of the best Italian charcuterie specialties sliced ​​and vacuum packaged or in a protective atmosphere, in weights from 50g to 500g, so that the product maintains its taste and fragrance intact. So much so that it appears as if it has just been sliced!

Meat, salt, time and… a lot of passion. These are the ingredients of the “made in Casale” recipe, natural elements which, if dosed and calibrated in the right doses, are able to lead to exceptional results.

High quality Prosciutto

We only select thighs from the best pigs on the market. The result is a 100% natural product with the right salt content, a natural and ancient method that allows for optimal food preservation.

Our Prosciuttos are in fact produced without the use of preservatives or additives. This feature makes them perfect at any time of day, from breakfast to aperitivo and dinner. Prosciutto is also excellent for children, as well as indicated in the diet of athletes, thanks to their aging that makes the proteins lighter and more digestible.

Innovating with tradition

Casale is the ultimate place where past and tradition coexist with innovation and future. In fact, the work of the Sassi family is not based only on the maintenance and enhancement of tradition, but also on a continuous process of updating and business innovation. 

For this reason, the Casale factory has gradually expanded its production in recent years, with the aim of responding in the best possible way to the needs of today’s consumer. Appetizers, snacks and aperitif boxes have also made their appearance in the brand’s product portfolio, as well as a series of products that go beyond the world of Prosciutto, among which salads, parmesan cream and mustards stand out.

Casale Group

We combine the tradition, quality and safety of a long-experienced market leader with the effectiveness of a modern and cutting-edge company, always attentive to the latest trends in technology and innovation.


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