More-than-a-century Tradition

Our history

The Sassi Emilio & Sons family has a very long experience in the world of slaughtering and processing of pork meat. An experience that has its roots in the province of Parma, in a more-than-a-century tradition. Today, having reached the fourth generation of the company, the company firmly places its roots in the history of Emilio Sassi and his family: based on traditional knowledge. The owner and his children have created a food industry in Casale with a strong attention to the standards of excellence of raw materials and production processes, in order to obtain an excellent final product.

Modus operandi

Our business approach is based on product innovation, quality improvement and customer focus. A small team of specialists assists our partners, from the initial exploratory brainstorming session on the range of products to their positioning on the market. The result is a customized solution ad hoc for the customer by our best experts in the field, who will take care of the packaging and definition of the reference target.

“Our know-how is a legacy that we try to maintain and grow day by day, to create value in all areas, from production to distribution, from organization to the communication of our values ​​and culture”

Emilio Sassi, CEO

Casale Group

We combine the tradition, quality and safety of a long-experienced market leader with the effectiveness of a modern and cutting-edge company, always attentive to the latest trends in technology and innovation.


Via Casale, 33

43035 – Casale di Felino (Parma)

+39 0521 836080

San Pietro

Via Cavo, 6

43037 – Mulazzano Ponte (Parma)

+39 0521 853049


Via Aonedis

33038 – San Daniele Del Friuli (Udine)

+ 39 0432 956275

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